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My 9-Year Kidney Transplantversary

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I'm No Expert and I Don't Play One on YouTube

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Bike the Tenth

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She's Here!

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Solitary Cycling


Recumbent RANT! I Am NOT a Cancer Surviror

What's in My Bag?

I'm Riding With Krissy!

Hospitals, Recumbent Trikes & Being Patient

Happy Eight-Year Transplantversary to ME!

What to Bring on Every Ride

Recumbent Trike Trail Ride


Here Comes the Sun

What I Like About Trikes

What Camera Do You Use?

The Benefits of Being Legally Blind!

So, about recumbent trike vlogging …

It's Spring Tuneup Time!

It STILL Ain't Easy

I Went and Did it!

It's Officially Unofficial

That's Right. I'm a Reformed Diabetic

Recumbent Trikes, Diabetes & Being Normal

Outside vs. Inside Winter Riding

Good David vs. Bad David

Sleep, Cycling & Vicious Circles

Pros vs. Cons - Cold Weather Recumbent Trike Riding

Patient Advocacy

I'm David and I'm NOT Riding a Trike






Recumbent Resolutions

Got a Feeling 21 is Going to be a Good Year

Diabetic Seizures (aka Insulin Reachtions)

Very Superstitious

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Recumbent Trikes & Black Friday

Thanks, but …


Thoughts on Recumbent Trikes After 15K Miles

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I Don't Wanna Ride Today

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Happy Trails to You!


Hot Enough?

Get Outside!


Pros vs Cons

Virtual Tour de Cure


If I Can Do it…



Afraid of Covid?

Why a trike?

I Need YOUR Help!

Let's Get Ready …

Tour de Cure


Dirty Little Secret

23rd Pancreas Transplantversary

7th Kidney Transplantversry

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