The First Annual DRAT/Amlings Cycle Trike & Bike Ride

Date: Sunday, June 12, 2022


About the Ride

At the suggestion of one viewer, this ride is to celebrate the DRAT community. Since starting the channel I feel like most of you have become my friends and what’s better than a ride with friends?

So, here we are! Of course, the first location I thought of for a ride was on the Des Plaines River Trail or, the DPRT. This is the trail that I’m riding in most of my videos. It is a beautiful trail with only two street crossings. All other crossings have either under or overpasses.

This will be a fun, no-drop ride and most certainly not a race. It is open to anyone riding not only a trike, but traditional bikes as well.

It will be an out and back ride of about 28 miles. The halfway point will be at the Independence Grove Forest Preserve where we can take a break and visit the beer garden.

If 28 miles sounds a little bit too much for anyone, they can easily turn around at any time and head back to the parking lot. The trail is very well marked and it’s difficult to get lost. Likewise, if the pace is too slow folks can ride up ahead of the main group.

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Some more facts:

  • The ride will take place on the Des Plaines River Trail (DPRT) starting at the Half Day Forest Preserve in Vernon Hills, IL and go north to the Independence Grove Forest Preserve in Libertyville, IL.
  • The trail surface is crushed limestone and generally speaking, very well maintained.
  • Ride date is Sunday June 12, 2022. Time still TBD.
    We strongly encourage everyone to wear a helmet.
  • Please bring your own snacks and water. There are also concession stands at the halfway point, Independence Grove.


The Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway protects land along more than 76 percent of the river in Lake County, providing wildlife habitat, natural flood protection and outdoor recreation opportunities.

The crusched limestone trail spans nearly the entire length of Lake County for 31.4 miles as it winds through 12 forest preserves. It is open for hiking, bicycling, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, and snowmobiling.

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Map & Directions

Click the map for details and directions.
(Note: the above map has the location marker on the wrong side of the road. The forest preserve is located on the other side of Milwaukee Ave. When you click the map the page that opens is correct.)


The DPRT runs through two Illinois counties. In Cook County it runs north and south and is located just a few miles west of Chicago.

The Lake County section which we will be riding continues running north from Cook County almost all the way up to the Wisconsin border.

The southern terminus of the trail is located approximately 30 miles NW of Chicago.

Nearby lodging

There are many nearby hotels and motels. Please click this link for a full listing. Be sure to call as you can often get a better rate when speaking to someone rather than booking online.

Links for the Des Plaines River Trail (DPRT)

Links for the Des Plaines River Trail (DPRT)

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