Who is this guy and what's he trying to do?

Who is this guy?

I’ll start with the basics. My name is David Goldman. I will be turning 65 in just a few short weeks as of the time of this writing (Sept. 2020). I grew up in Chicago and have lived in the northwest suburbs of Chicago for the past 34 years.

My idea for starting a YouTube channel came as I was riding my trike one day and thinking how great it made me feel to get out and do some physical activity.

If you’ve watched any of my videos you’ll know that I have a shall we say, complicated medical history. In short, I lived with Type 1 diabetes from the time I was a year and a half old. As a result of the diabetes, I have lost a significant amount of my vision, had ESRD – end-stage renal disease, the beginnings of diabetic neuropathy and this was all before I turned 30. Somehow though, my wife Debbie married me during this same period despite the medical roadblocks.

As a result of those health complications, I’ve had two kidney transplants and a pancreas transplant. That pancreas transplant ‘cured’ me of diabetes. And in between the first kidney transplant and the pancreas transplant our son Lenny was born.

However, the anti-rejection medications I have to take for the rest of my life have produced a whole new set of medical issues including cancer and rejection episodes of those transplanted organs. These drugs have also meant that infections that would go almost unnoticed by people with normal immune systems have proven to be close to deadly for me. There is a long list of side effects from these drugs that is much too long to go into here.

Somewhere along this medical textbook journey I’ve been on, I found that riding a bike always made me feel good. I knew it helped me recover from multiple surgeries but it also has helped my emotional outlook.

Plus, it was fun!

After my second kidney transplant in 2013 I was finally able to start riding again. That was when I started riding the trike.

Recently I thought, I am so fortunate to be able to go outside and do something like this that makes me feel great despite a seemingly never ending cascade of medical maladies, perhaps I can get other people who have their own medical issues to get up, get out and do something fun.

And so, David Rides a Trike was hatched.

I know not everyone suffering from health issues is able to ride a bike or a trike or go for a walk.

If you are able to and your doctor or healthcare professional says it’s okay, try going for a short ride or walk. Go to a nearby coffee shop (one of my favorite ride destinations), run an errand by bike or by foot or just head out with no destination in mind. You don’t have to set any land speed or distance records. Simply get up, go out and move.

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